Goodbye, ABA.
Hello, said & done.

On January 12th 2024, we became said & done – bidding farewell to over 40 years as Alistair Bullen & Associates (ABA) in the process.

But why the change?

Starting over with a brand is a big call (we’ve done this enough for our clients to know it’s no stroll in the park). But we knew the time was right to make that change.

Why? There were three factors that made this call a no-brainer:
New owner, new day
With a change of leadership came a new vision and direction – focused around businesses with purpose
A natural niche
We knew it was time to niche – to pin down our specialism: positioning and messaging for B2B brands who give a damn
Looking for stand out
In an increasingly crowded agency market, we needed a brand that would stand out – with a name that told a story

What's behind the name said & done...?

As a bunch of people, we’ve always been ‘walk the talk’ types. The kind who will stand by their promises. The sort who will say what needs to be said, then do what needs to be done. 

But that's only part of the story behind our name. 

At the heart of the agency is an unwavering belief that some things simply matter more. Call it being 'values-led' or 'purpose-driven'...or simply remembering what's important, at the end of the day.

We choose to work with leaders who give a damn about these things too. Because when all is said & done, we want to help the 'good guys' leave their mark on the world.