The world of %%education%% is changing

Big questions are being asked about the purpose of education, and the value of education providers. Schools, Colleges, and Universities all face closer scrutiny than ever.

Uncovering the %%why%% behind your what

For the past 16+ years, said & done (formerly ABA) has been helping some of the biggest names in education uncover why they are here – the heartbeat of the organisation.

Once defined, we find creative ways of bringing the new vision and values to life - through compelling statements, powerful films, even poems and games. In the end, it's about creating deeper connections between the institution and the people that work there.

Building a more %%memorable%% brand

Too many education brands struggle to be memorable. They parrot the over-used messages of their peers and shy away from looking, sounding or feeling different.

We uncover the ‘gold’ inside these education institutions, converting insights into a brand or campaign that is meaningful and memorable – that stands out from the sea of same.

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said & done truly captured the essence of the University with this campaign, which has been so well received by both the university community and prospective students. This campaign has had a significant impact in helping the University tell its story and build its reputation both domestically and internationally.

Professor James Miller
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Glasgow Caledonian University