Unleashing a force for good

Leadership Training

Aberkyn, a transformational change consultancy within the McKinsey group, was on a mission to be a sustainable force for good in the world. An ambitious venture with the network, expertise and drive to achieve such bold claims.

But they were struggling to clearly define their purpose as an organisation and the value that they delivered to their clients. We were tasked with working closely with the senior leadership to bring clarity and energy to their brand - a task made all the more important by their recent admission into the McKinsey group of businesses.

Ultimately, they wanted a hero piece of communication to be created – something that would unpack what Aberkyn offered, how it impacted leaders and businesses, and why it’s approach was needed at this time.

Pinning down the purpose on film

We worked with Aberkyn’s senior team to get under the skin of their brand and bring some definition to their organisational purpose. During the process, it soon became apparent that the story of the organisation would best be captured by motion picture.

We crafted a storyboard and script for a film which would capture the essence of the firm. We organised a film and editing crew and directed a 2-day shoot in Madeira at a global gathering of Aberkyn leaders. The film mixed poignant imagery with emotive music, the end result capturing the heartbeat of the Aberkyn community and its client base. It also cemented the purpose of the organisation which, until this time, had only been loosely defined.

But that was only one part of the challenge. Aberkyn’s messaging was often complex and contradictory. There was plenty of persuasive content and strategic thinking buzzing around the community, but their external communications often struggled to pinpoint exactly what they were about; to capture the heartbeat of the organisation.

With a strong partnership already in place, Aberkyn turned to us once more for help.

Bringing clarity to the brand

Over an intensive two-month journey, we helped Aberkyn to enhance the positioning and messaging of their brand.

We facilitated a workshop in Amsterdam with members of the Aberkyn Leadership team, we interviewed various members of the community, to ensure voices were heard at all levels, and we brainstormed ideas with the core stakeholder team.

The ideas and insights were distilled into a brand handbook: a succinctly crafted and beautifully designed companion featuring: a new positioning statement to help raise Aberkyn above the competition, a series of key messages to attract new business both within the McKinsey system and externally, and some key strands of how they would communicate with the outside world.

Amidst the confusion, we helped the communicators at Aberkyn to see a clear path ahead. And, in doing so, we injected fresh energy and enthusiasm into the community and laid the foundations of a brand with purpose at its heart.

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